$797.00 USD

Consultant's Bundle

The Consultant's Bundle includes the contract templates you need to protect your consulting business, including a Consulting Contract Template and Website Policies.

What's included:

  • Consulting Contract Template ($397 value)
  • Testimonial Release Template ($97 value)
  • GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy Template ($397 value)
  • Website Disclaimers Template ($197 value)
  • Website Terms & Conditions Template ($297 value)

Total value:  $1,385!

About the Contract Templates

These templates cover your butt and protect your clients at the same time. A strong contract clarifies your responsibilities and describes what happens if anything goes wrong. Our Contract Templates are written in plain English so you and your client can understand it – no legalese, guaranteed.

The Contract Templates protect your business by discussing all the aspects of your project, including the scary stuff like licensing, confidentiality, and limitations on liability.

What’s in the Service Providers Bundle?

Consulting Contract Template 

The Consulting Contract Template was designed for online consultants who offer a strategic or advisory service to clients. The template is easily customizable to a wide variety of niches, including business consulting, marketing consulting, financial consulting, strategy consulting, and more.


Testimonial Release

Testimonials are a great way to grow your business, but only if you actually have permission to use them! Use this release to make sure you have full permission to use your clients' words, image, and business name, all in legal terms.

GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

The Website Privacy Policy Template complies with the GDPR and protects your business. Every website that collects any information from visitors needs a privacy policy. That includes Facebook Pexels, Google Analytics, email, name, purchasing info, and more. Don't go risk your website getting shut down! 

Website Terms & Conditions Template 

The Website Terms & Conditions Template explains the terms of use of your website to your visitors and protects your business. Every business with a website, and especially businesses selling products or services online, should have Terms & Conditions on their website.

Website Disclaimers Template 

The Website Disclaimers Template covers you from liability by making sure it's clear to your website visitors what type of information you provide and how they should use it (or not use it). Choose the clauses that apply to your business to post on your website or include in your website Terms & Conditions. 

The Disclaimers Template includes terms covering:

  • Your advice is not legal advice, tax advice, or professional advice
  • Your advice is not health advice from a doctor
  • That testimonials do not guarantee results
  • That results depend on each individual's efforts and circumstances

All our service templates include terms covering:

  • The exact services you will be providing
  • A payment policy, with multiple options to choose from
  • An option for a late fee if the client misses a payment deadline
  • A cancellation policy, including what happens when the client cancels last minute
  • The option to keep or transfer ownership of your intellectual property
  • A confidentiality clause so your clients can’t steal your secrets
  • A release of liability so the client can’t sue you for things beyond your control
  • A limitation of liability, limiting your liability to the amount you would be paid for the project
  • Everything else a contract needs to be legally binding

How do I use the Contract Templates?

Each Contract Template comes with the Artful Contracts Contract Template How-To Guide that walks you through customizing and using your contract. It also answers all your questions so you can explain the contract to your clients and show them you know what you’re talking about.