$197.00 USD

The Copycat Workshop

Make sure your content is totally locked down from copycats.

As online business owners, we create constantly. Our business depends on being able to sell our creativity and knowledge. But what happens when someone tries to steal it?

This on-demand, 4-lesson video workshop helps you protect the content you work so hard to create.

Get the Copycat Workshop to learn:

  • What a copyright is and how it protects your content
  • How to protect your work from copycats
  • What to do if someone else steals your content
  • How to use other people's content ethically & legally

Plus, get the templates you need to implement:

  • Copyright Cease & Desist Letter ($197 value)
  • DMCA Takedown Notice ($197 value)
  • Intellectual Property License Agreement ($297 value)
  • Intellectual Property Clause ($97 value)
  • Fair Use Factors Guide ($47 value)
  • Copyright Enforcement Guide ($47 value)