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The Legal Protection Bundle

The all-in-one template pack for coaches, consultants, and service providers.

Start here if you're serious about protecting the business you've worked so hard to build.

The Legal Protection Bundle includes 7 contract templates, 3 template guides to help you customize your contracts, extra clauses, and 3 amazing bonuses.

Get your one-on-one contracts, website policies, and more in this jam-packed bundle.


Cover Your Assets

Ready to feel confident that your business (and your money) is legally protected? 

Cover Your Assets is the complete, step-by-step program (with coaching and q&a) to start your business legally, protect your personal assets, and scale with confidence knowing you have all the legal stuff covered.


Legal Templates Unlimited Monthly

Access our entire legal template library on a monthly basis.

The membership includes a vault of legal templates including policies you need for your website, contracts for building your team, agreements for working with clients, documents for protecting your content, and more. It also includes access to new legal resources every month. 


Contract Templates

Solid contracts let you create the rules for working with your business and enforce them when you need to. 

Check out the contract shop for contract templates for different types of services, protecting your website, hiring your team, working with other business owners, and more.


1:1 Services

 If you're interested in working together one-on-one, I take a limited number of clients for done-for-you trademark registrations and legal strategy sessions.

Click below to learn more about my services and get in touch!