How to Figure Out What Contracts You Need in Your Business

client contracts Sep 27, 2022

You know you need a 1:1 client contract... but is that it? How do you figure out what contracts you actually need? Tune in for my simple system to figure out if you actually need a contract for that.



Key Takeaways

  • A contract is just a piece of paper that outlines the rules and boundaries of a relationship in writing so everyone is on the same page about what to expect
  • Contracts don't have to be fancy - it can be a formal document signed by both parties on pen and paper, but it can also be a paragraph and checkbox at the bottom of a guest questionnaire or a policy posted on your site
  • What contracts you need comes down to two things: your relationships and the value exchanged in the relationship. Is the relationship important to you? Is the value that's changing hands important to you? If yes, you need a contract.


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