Do You Really Need a Contract For That?

client contracts Feb 13, 2024
Amy Nesheim Artful Contracts

Even if you know you need a contract for your big client projects, there are probably some situations that have you wondering, "Do I really need a contract for that?" Tune in to figure out which situations actually require a contract and a few questions to ask yourself when making the decision.

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Key Takeaways

  • Contracts are important any time you're exchanging something of value with another person.
  • Contracts give you the ability to put rules, boundaries, and consequences around promises you make with another person - that means contracts are important if you want to be able to hold another person to a promise or impose consequences for failing to follow through on a promise.
  • Money isn't the only kind of value you can exchange with someone else. As creators and online business owners, content and intellectual property create huge value in our businesses and are worth protecting when we exchange them with others, even if no money changes hands.


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