Why You Can't Register Your Canva Logo as a Trademark

getting started marketing trademarks Dec 20, 2022

If you designed your logo on Canva, you probably can't register it as a trademark. Your logo helps your customers recognize your brand, but if it was designed with a Canva template, it may not be unique enough to legally function as a trademark. It's also against Canva's policies to register a design that uses its elements as a trademark.

Tune in for a discussion on the implications of using Canva to design your logo and what to do instead.



Key Takeaways

  • When you create a design using Canva, you receive a license to use any pre-designed pieces (elements) in your design. You do not own those elements
  • By definition, to be a trademark, a design has to be unique enough to identify a particular company. A template logo is probably not unique enough to function as a trademark
  • If your logo is just a stylized version of your business name, you'll get broader trademark protection if you register the words of your business name than the logo


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