Do You Really Need a Lawyer to Register Your Trademark?

trademarks May 17, 2023
Artful Contracts

If you're dreaming up a new product or service for your business (or thinking about the next evolution of your brand), there is one crucial step you don't want to miss that can make the difference between a product that stands out and one that fades into all the online noise. Choosing the name of your next product should be a strategic choice informed by data - data you can get with a trademark search. Tune in for a few tips on choosing a name strategical, and how a trademark search can give you the information you need to make sure your brand stands out.

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Key Takeaways

  • Your chances of a successful trademark registration increase by 40% when you work with a trademark attorney
  • The trademark process is long and complicated and there are multiple places where strategy is key to ensuring your best chance at successful registration
  • There are lots of trademark scams! Be on the lookout for letters and calls saying you owe additional filing fees - most of them are not real


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