3 Steps To Take When Something Goes Wrong

client relationships Oct 03, 2023
Artful Contracts

As a business owner, you'll inevitably have a situation with a client or a contractor where things don't go according to plan: a client misses a payment, a contractor doesn't meet your expectations, or maybe you even make a mistake on a project. Tune in to hear three steps you can take to evaluate the situation and move forward toward a resolution.




Key Takeaways

  • Your contract is the #1 place to look for answers when something goes wrong. It can tell you who's responsible for what and outline consequences when those expectations are broken.
  • Every contract is negotiable. If the terms of your contract aren't serving you or your client, change them! You can change anything in a contract as long as you both agree to the change.
  • People make mistakes. Responding with kindness and respect will get you farther than lashing out in anger. Always remember there's a person on the other end of every disagreement


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