3 Things I Would Do Differently If I Started My Business Again (And One I Would Do the Same)

business management getting started Jun 13, 2023
Artful Contracts

It's easy to look at established business owners and think they've got it all figured out - but even as a practicing small-business attorney, I didn't get everything right when I was starting my business! Tune in for my reflections on 3 (legal) things I'd do differently if I were starting my business from scratch - plus the one thing I'm happy I did before getting started.

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Key Takeaways

  • You don't have to have a business name right from the beginning - your business will probably evolve a lot in those first few months or years, and the name you pick pre-launch might not reflect those later changes
  • You can give your LLC money via a capital contribution - this can help you set a budget at the beginning and make sure you aren't co-mingling your personal and business money before sales start coming in
  • It's a lot easier to establish your boundaries, set your policies, and get clear on your offers if you write your contract before you have a prospect waiting to sign it
  • There's no requirement that you form an LLC right away - but it is a lot simpler to start with one from the beginning that to transition after your business is established


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