Why You May Not Own the Copyright In the Work You Use AI to Create

business management Nov 28, 2023
Artful Contracts

This year, you can't go five minutes without seeing some new way to use AI to make your life easier. Generative AI has changed the way creators and business owners create content - free content like social media captions and emails and even paid content like digital downloads and even client work.

But what does this mean for the ownership of that content? If you use Generative AI to create something, can you still protect it from copycats? Or could you be accidentally copying someone else?

Tune in to hear what happens to copyright ownership when AI is involved in the creation process.




Key Takeaways

  • Just by creating something and putting it into a format that can be perceived and reproduced (written, recorded, painted, etc.), you own the copyright in that creation.
  • Human authorship is an essential element of copyright protection. If there's no human author, there is no copyright. That means content created by AI is not protected by copyright law.
  • Generative AI synthesizes large amounts of information from various sources to respond to prompts. It can be very hard to tell what source material was copyrighted and how close the AI followed it, which means what it creates could easily infringe on someone else's copyright


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